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Our always changing team of professional artists are committed to assisting and encouraging your creative journey as you discover and explore the inner artist that is waiting to emerge.

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“Whether you succeed or not is irrelevant, there is no such thing. Making your unknown known is the important thing.”

-Georgia O’Keeffee



Intro to Photography

3 weeks

Instructor: Judi Bommarito

IPH006 Email to request info




If you are tired of using your camera in AUTO mode and are ready to explore the MANUAL function, this workshop is for you.  We will demystify all those buttons, dials and panels while simultaneously doing technical experimentation.  The three components of exposure will be explained in great detail, supported by visual presentations and supplemental handouts.

Required supplies: Students must bring a digital camera, memory card, 16GB USB and tripod.


Street Photography - Eastern Market- 1 Session

2 Hours

Instructor: Giorgio Orlandi

Exploring Detroit’s Eastern Market



$50 single person

STPH0017 Email to request info




$80 Come with a friend! Save money! Have fun!






This workshop is for you if you want to up your Street Photography game and all the while meet other passionate Street Photographers and storytellers. Eastern Market is our subject and backdrop as your guide, Giorgio takes you through the streets of the market.

Giorgio is a passionate and knowledgeable photographer who has six years experience shooting the streets and people of Detroit. In this two hour session will discuss composition techniques and how to overcome the fear of photographing strangers. Join Giorgio as he shares photo tips and pointers amidst the energy of Thursday Night in the Market.

*We will meet by the backlot of Shed 3



Advanced Photography

3 weeks

Instructor: Judi Bommarito

ADPH006 Email to request info




This workshop is intended for those who have basic understanding of their camera.  We will begin with a refresher and continue refining the applications of the camera’s functions as a creative tool.  Lenses and filters will be discussed. This workshop will be supported by visual presentations and supplemental handouts.

Required supplies: Students must bring a digital camera, memory card, 16GB USB and tripod.

Intro to Lightroom

3 weeks

Instructor: Judi Bommarito

ILR008 Email to request info

ILR009 Mon. Sept. 16 9:30-11:30 (one session $75)



So, you’ve captured some great digital images! What’s next? Let’s bring them to life with Adobe Lightroom editing software. Students will gain a basic understanding of file management, organization and post processing using Adobe Lightroom CC Classic.  Topics include navigating the LR interface and the essential skills to enhance your images. Supplemental handouts will accompany each session.

Prerequisite:  A basic understanding of your computer is necessary.  Participants must bring a laptop with an active subscription to Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop before the first session.  Purchase Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan for $9.99/mo.


Master Photo Package

9 weeks

Instructor: Judi Bommarito

MPHP005 Email to request info




Enroll in all three photo workshops for a discounted rate.

  • Intro to Photo

  • Intro to Lightroom

  • Intro to Photoshop


Photoshop for Beginners

4 sessions

Instructor: Judi Bommarito

PHSB005 Email to request info



This workshop aims to introduce students to the basic functions of Photoshop CC.

Topics include:-

File organization How to navigate the interface, The tool box, where to locate layers and adjustment layers.  What the tools are used for in adjusting your images. Basic editing, basic enhancements, photo touch up, dust removal, color adjustments, selections, quick masks and layer masks, simple composites

Required supplies: students must bring a laptop with an active subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud - Photoshop CC, 8GB Memory Card, 16GB USB Drive (for storing and transporting files)


Seeing the World Through Your Smartphone

3 sessions

Instructor: Alex Alexander

SMPH005 Email to request info Session 1: Session 2: Session 3:

SMPH006 Session 1: Session 2: Session 3:

$150 Individual

$225 parent/child


This workshop is perfect for those who wish to improve and enhance their Smartphone photography. Students will explore composition, creative enhancements, photo editing apps, social media apps and preparing the image for print. Our Smartphones are a powerful image making tool! Let’s move beyond the casual selfie and create art using our phone!

Session 1 - Together, at the studio, we will view and discuss the many possibilities of Smartphone photography. We will look at many composition techniques.

Session 2 - We will meet at the studio and prepare for our field session. We will apply techniques learned from session 1 as we wander the streets of Downtown Birmingham!

Session 3- We will edit and critique the images from our Field trip and bring them into various editing apps and learn basic editing techniques.

Family groups are encouraged to participate!

Required Supplies: Smart Phone, Image Management and Editing app -  Photoshop Express, 16MG USB or Laptop (Laptops encouraged but not mandatory). Plan to download Whats App for group share.


Creating an Image Collection in Print

2 weeks each project

Instructor: Judi Bommarito


CAL007 Email to request info



BK007 Email for more info


$100 each

plus material fee ( Calendar/ Book cost)


4 weeks

CABK004 Email to request info



plus material fee ( Calendar/ Book cost)


This workshop is the perfect introduction to digital organization. This workshop will use images already on your laptop or shot in between sessions. We will discuss theme, file organization, image sizing.  It is an introductory course for those intimidated by the technical choices of digital output .  Choose to create a calendar or book. Can’t decide? Sign up for both workshops. They great gifts! We will use a reputable print company to make the final printed piece.

Required supplies : laptop, Image files (they can be stored in the laptop or a separate HD) 16GB USB


Premiere Pro - Intro to Video Editing

3 weeks

Instructor: Jacob Bommarito

PPVE004 Email to request info




From YouTube tutorial videos to epic films, Premiere Pro has been the go to video software used by both, amateurs and professionals. This workshop will introduce the Premiere interface, navigational tools and effects necessary to create professional quality videos. Participants will receive a zip file with all the assets and materials necessary to learn the maximum potential of Premiere Pro.

Required supplies - students must bring a laptop with an active subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud - Premiere Pro CC. An External HD is highly recommended.


After Effects - Intro to Motion Graphics / Animation

3 weeks

Instructor: Jacob Bommarito

AEMG004 Email to request info




This workshop introduces participants to the After Effects interface and it’s application to motion graphics and animation. Students will create a series of animations that apply various techniques. Participants will receive a zip file with all the assets and materials necessary to gain understanding and confidence in After Effects.

Required supplies - students must bring a laptop with an active subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud - After Effects. An External HD is highly recommended.


Community Project



We are excited to team up with Humble Design - a non profit organization that furnishes homes for the homeless with donated items.  This workshop will culminate with a matted and framed 8” x 10” photographic print to be donated to Humble Design. Perfect for groups and team building. We can come to you!


Personal Project

$50 per hour

$200 five hour max. 


Do you have a personal project that you would like to bring into being?  But, it is difficult to articulate the concept and production?   Or, perhaps you simply want to create abody of work that focuses on one topic.  (For example, 12 images of flowers). This two option offering is perfect for you! Schedule a session today!  Offered Monday, Tuesday and Saturday. Based on availability.


Schedule a private session to work through all the details from concept to production in an organized and realistic timeline. We will discuss all the details that will make this project come to life.  I call it, minimizing the variables.  The more you research and understand the concept, the fewer visual “choices” you have.  From camera techniques to metaphors, let’s dissect your project and prep it to shoot.


Available to students that have taken past workshops and would like to use the studio to work on a personal project.  Allow me to be your assistant! Schedule a studio time and utilize our space and equipment to create that project you've always wanted to create!   Or, simply the opportunity to advance your technical skills. Please note - This offering is NOT available to commercial photographers. 


Private Lessons

$50 per hour

$400 5 two hour session


For those who prefer one on one instruction with the camera and / or Lightroom.  Using visual slide presentations, supplemental handouts and field experience (camera), you will gain confidence and technical proficiency in the topic of interest. Call to discuss a plan that suits your needs. PLEASE NOTE - Call or email to discuss a date(s) that suit your schedule. Payment may be submitted by selecting the appropriate buttons on the right. Please select the 7TH DAY OF SEPTEMBER. You are simply making the payment, not scheduling the session by selecting the buttons on the right. The actual date will be agreed upon between student and True North Camera Arts.